G+ custom URL’s – now with +joomfish

JoomFish page on G+ including individual URL
JoomFish page on G+ including individual URL

One of the core claims of Google is: „we are not evil“. Of course they are not in general, but one thing is pretty clear. They are selective.

It is already a while ago that Google introduced „custom URL’s for profiles and pages„. They claimed that they will roll-out this feature step by step. „At first, we’re introducing custom URLs to a limited number of verified profiles and pages. But over time we plan to offer custom URLs to many more brands and individuals, so please stay tuned!“

As we know it with Google they support open source projects and anything that is related to code. So actually I’m not surprised that our project JoomFish is selected as one of these pages even so the page wasn’t used so far. Now the primary question is, what is their intention to do so? From our side using the URL https://plus.google.com/+joomfish is pretty cool and will definitely change our attention to this page and allow us to push much more news and information via this page. It also allows us to grap a bit more space for our product.

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