JoomFish says goodbye

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The Joom!Fish project is about 10 years old. During the last 10 years many things happened and we presented various versions of our extension. Looking back this is a great story about community, passion, visions and a great CMS called Joomla.

Mambel!Fish was created to allow people to manage their multilingual websites. Many websites had been created and achieved with the extension. When Joomla was founded we renamed the project to Joom!Fish and it became one of the most downloaded extensions in the Joomla Forge.

For the whole team that worked on the project for many years it was a great experience and much work. So much work that moving forward we had not been able to contribute as much as we wanted. As more and more extensions had been founded that focused on the topic of languages and the Joomla project itself took the topic serious the need of the Joom!Fish extension faded out. For us this was a great moment in time because finally it was possible to find alternatives and use different solutions for your multilingual websites.

Today is the day to say goodbye. We will focus on new projects and topics we are working on already. We wish all of you all the best and enjoy Joomla power in simplicity.

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