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Technology based marketing to gain attention

Can technology support us for a better marketing? Isn’t it the time to rethink the separation of marketing and technology departments to ensure we create a better and more valuable marketing for the customer?

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Bitzilla conference 2016

Meine Notizen der ersten bitzilla Conferencezum Thema Digitalisierung, die heute in Ravensburg am schönen Bodensee stattfindet.

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Is the electric economy a modern economy?

As electric cars are pretty new stuff still, I wouldn’t argue that drives of an electric car are first movers anymore. However they are definitly not in a state in that a lot of issues are solved already. How to

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What’s the link between customer experience and modern mobility

You know it well. The car manufacture your family used to buy is the one you prefer. It is a learned principle of customer experience. It’s linked to the pros and cons your father and mother exchange while buying something

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JoomFish says goodbye

The Joom!Fish project is about 10 years old. During the last 10 years many things happened and we presented various versions of our extension. Looking back this is a great story about community, passion, visions and a great CMS called

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