Le bullshit oder warum ein Geschäftsführer unzufrieden ist

Wer kennt sie nicht die Situation. Mit dem Team wurde hart an einem Ziel gearbeitet, die gewünschten Features umgesetzt und alles getan den Zeitplan einzuhalten. Ja geschafft, die Arbeit wird präsentiert und die einhellige Meinung aller direkt Beteiligten ist, wir haben alles richtig gemacht.

Aller Beteiligten? Ja der Product Owner, verantwortlich für die Ziele des Teams hat seine Zustimmung bereits signalisiert, er ist auch zufrieden mit dem Ergebnis. Und dennoch, als das Team die Arbeitsergebnisse im Rahmen einer Review präsentiert ist die Meinung des verantwortlichen Managers vernichtend. „Alles falsch, erfüllt nicht seine Erwartungen!“ Es spielt dabei auch keine Rolle, ob die Meinung in der Review, nach der Review oder irgendwie später kund wird. Fakt ist das „Empowerment“ des PO ist hier zu Ende.

Aber was ist eigentlich passiert? Und ist es wirklich ein Problem des Managers?

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G+ custom URL’s – now with +joomfish

JoomFish page on G+ including individual URL

JoomFish page on G+ including individual URL

One of the core claims of Google is: „we are not evil“. Of course they are not in general, but one thing is pretty clear. They are selective.

It is already a while ago that Google introduced „custom URL’s for profiles and pages„. They claimed that they will roll-out this feature step by step. „At first, we’re introducing custom URLs to a limited number of verified profiles and pages. But over time we plan to offer custom URLs to many more brands and individuals, so please stay tuned!“

As we know it with Google they support open source projects and anything that is related to code. So actually I’m not surprised that our project JoomFish is selected as one of these pages even so the page wasn’t used so far. Now the primary question is, what is their intention to do so? From our side using the URL https://plus.google.com/+joomfish is pretty cool and will definitely change our attention to this page and allow us to push much more news and information via this page. It also allows us to grap a bit more space for our product.

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Why is it open spirit?

Using a product that you didn’t used for years is already interesting. Typically you feel quite easy as most of the features are still where you expect them. Ok this is not the case if a big company introduce a new UI element such as ribbon’s but this doesn’t happen that often.

If you do the same with an open source based product I have to admit I’m always impressed and scared about the speed of change these products have. From my experience its related to the fact that primary contributors change from one major release to the next one. If the community is able to build the environment for someone else to step in the lead moves. Ok we all know that the various options for support within open source projects are quite different and this has an effect as well. As a truly community driven project Joomla is a good example of the different evolutions its able to make.

The category of this article is titled with „open spirit“ as I will also like to speak about open initiatives such as Wikispeed. The concept of creating a car in a combination of using agile methodology and open production standards is quite interesting to me. If you look closer you will see that wikispeed protects their primary assets, such as the optimization of the engine, with patents. This is a quite typical step within the production industry and therefore I can understand it. How else should they find investors to support their ideas. On the other side I wonder if companies such as BMW are so far away. Friends of mine working within the research center of BMW and of course they told me that they use agile methods as well. Now why are they not using open standard, processes or communities too?

With „open spirit“ I like to address these kind of topics and we will see what comes next.

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Living agility is to start fast

Mountain view Kaunertal Gletscher

It is one of the primary agile principles to get new features, functionalities or even a new website as fast as possible to the customer. With our new website we like to follow this principle and start even without having a lot of primary content available. So let’s look a bit in the past and the future to see what can happen here.

What have I done last?

The focus of Think Network changed a lot in the past two years. From being a long term and heavy contributor to open source projects such as Joomla and JoomFish we moved back to our roots of management consulting and agile methodologies. Introducing agile methods to the deployment and operations team within the Vodafone Group was the first step. This challenge was really exciting and in the end the first part of a longer journey.

The second element was my position as head of product within the RTL company wer-kennt-wen.de. The company develops and hosts the second largest social network in Germany and it is actually the only really competitor to Facebook – even so the comparison to Facebook is quite interesting. What is special about wet-kennt-wen – it focus on a social group that is quite unique and requires special features. In this respect we introduced quite German structures such as a link to your favorite association such as your soccer club. Most successful was the personal „like“ to Santa Clause. Yes, Santa is registered and you can „like“ him! Within less than 4 weeks more than 100.000 people liked this fellow and we had a lot of fun with a unique christmas game.

What I’m doing now?

Since December 2011 I’m working for Holiday Check AG as a corporate agile coach – supporting all product development teams and being the team lead of all project managers and Scrum masters. Being back to the agile methodologies started a process of re-focusing. Today I’m sure that the open source engagement will continue. It will not be the first priority anymore but I’m sure that I’ll have some more time to develop cool code soon. Even so I’m learning that PHP has absolutely its limits atm. On the other side agile thoughts, topics and visions became much more important to me. This is why I restructure the old Think Network site to create a place to simply write down these thoughts.

Some might ask why I use a different tool to do so? This is as I like to learn new things. It is easy to use the old stuff used a long time ago. And yes Joomla has developed a lot within the past year. However it is still the same kind of CMS and so far I’ve never used something different on my own sites as a productive tool. This is about to change – even so other things might not change a lot.

What can you expect next?

I’ll try to blog a lot about my current topics such as agile methods, project management, open source ideas and much more. It will become quite important to give room to new ideas and therefore I’m not promising something specific yet. Let’s see – and tell me what you need. With this I can focus on the customer needs rather than my assumption of your needs.

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