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The initial idea of the extension relates back to year 2003 when Mambo didn’t know anything about multilingual websites. The first initial version was called MambelFish as an analogy to the famous Babelfish from Douglas Adams. Understanding that translations are not just a simple copy of the characters in a different order you very easy come to the term localization. In fact you need to change much more and this is why JoomFish focus on the translation process rather than the automatic translation concepts.

After 10 years of development and finally some great alternative extensions within the Joomla Community we decided to cease out this extension. With 122.173 users the JoomFish forum belongs to one of the big forums in the community and the topic of multilingual websites was very often linked to JoomFish directly.

This year Joomla turns 10 years old. It is an extra ordinary moment for many open source developers and especially for me as a founding member of the Joomla team.

As of today we will start disabling features and downloads of the JoomFish project. We will keep the information of the forum open for some more month however will disable the feature to register on the site and slowly turn down the activity in the forums. We like to thank all the contributors and users of the extension and Joomla. It is a great time and we are looking forward for the new things that will come.

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